And I’m back! Tuesday afternoons are busy at my coffee shop. But guess who does indeed work? Oh yeah, you’ve guessed it. His floppy hair is as beautiful as ever.

I almost ran into him today. At least that would have given me an excuse to actually ave a conversation with him!

“Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry!”

“No, no, it’s totally my fault. Here. let me clean that mac ‘n’ cheese off your shoe…”

Right. That’s a likely event.

Oh, The Other Hot Barista is also here! I overheard someone call him by his name the other day, but for the sake of his privacy, we’ll name him Bill. Bill has a beard and actually looks an age that could be equal or greater to my own.

There really are a ton of people here today! I’m beginning to like this place more and more. It’s one thing when you like some place, but it’s another thing when you like a place that’s popular. Then you know that you at least like something that’s high quality and good. (Or you’re on some kind of phase with the rest of the world and you’re a follower, not a leader.) The coffee is always excellent every day, and the customers always seem pleased. Plus there seems to be an abundance of attractive men who buy their coffee from this establishment. Always a pleasure, gentlemen.

So I still haven’t had anything to eat from here. The food looks pretty good, tbh. A little pricey, maybe. But no more than a Panera would charge. What I’ve gotten every time is a large Dark Roast, extra room for cream. (Except for the first time I came and the hot barista made me so tongue tied that I didn’t ask for extra room.) This is my fourth visit here. And I certainly plan on coming back for more.

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OCD—Obsessive Cute-Guy Disorder

Hey guys. Guess where I am? Staring at the attracting face of coffee shop cutie! *Cue applause*

The coffee is fantastic today, as it was the other day. There is a nun sitting in the café, with some friend in plain clothes. Fascinating. A group of old ladies gossip about their friends, and a fellow hipster on her computer sits near me, surfing the web. Does anyone suspect that I blog about them? Probably, since I keep eyeing them suspiciously. Sorry, folks. So there’s WiFi here, but it’s password protected and I don’t want to get up and ask about the password. The anxiety is kicking in again today… especially given the fact that I had my first day of work in a new environment!

Oh my goodness, it was so much fun. The kids were fantastic! I was trying so exceptionally hard to do a good job—pay attention to the kids, follow the rules that I learned on the online training, and be friendly with the staff, too. One of my coworkers mentioned afterwards that I did a great job especially with the older kids, as most workers tend to be impatient with them. I sat with them, listened to them, and played games with them…all while watching younger kids.

Another one of my coworkers is a young girl who used to attend my church with her family. She is probably four or five years younger than me, and her youngest sibling, who was a baby when I last saw the family, is eleven or twelve now. My, how time flies! It’s so strange seeing how kids grow up when you’re not looking!

You all understand how utterly hopeless it is for me to think that CSC (Coffee Shop Cutie) is single, into me, and straight, let alone all of the above. OOF, and I forgot about him being my age, too. Because I keep forgetting that I’m twenty-two. There is no way that he could possibly be all of those factors. He’s probably only even one of those factors. Straight. He doesn’t seem to be giving off a gay vibe. Although my gaydar isn’t exactly up to par.

There’s definitely an option of me just full-out asking him out, but I’m not really the type, as I’m sure you guys can tell from my “I can’t ask them for the WiFi password” or “I put headphones in so I wouldn’t have to socialize” posts… Maybe if I come here consistently and they learn my name and I become a beloved regular and we all become friends and unicorns are real and I can fly and magic is real and Jesus comes back before I die. We’ll see.

CSC looks like the type of guy that I could have debates on what kind of music is better. I could take him home to my parents and they would love him and we could watch movies and he would love baseball but not my dad’s team and it would only be a tiny issue because dad would love him so much. He would come to church with me and all my friends would be jealous of his manners and mannerisms and good looks. He probably sings off-key, but that’s okay because he can duet with my dad and they can both feel better about themselves. I can see long car rides in my convertible, wind through our hair, singing at the top of our lungs to some kind of punk. His dress style is probably pretty basic. Minimalistic, maybe, with a touch of grunge. (Thanks, Tim, for the wording that I forgot)

Okay, I get obsessed way too easily. I need to calm down. Think about something else. Like about how great this coffee is. And how cheap it is. Whoo.

Don’t forget to read my other post of today, too: “Feed the Sitter”.

(No WiFi connection meant that this was written a different day than it was posted… So here it is, a day late. It’s okay. I was at the coffee shop again today, too. Now, despite the horrible fact that CSC didn’t work today, I did come to the conclusion that the other male worker is also attractive. My friend Tim and I have come to yet another conclusion [so many conclusions!] that these two lovely baristas will be fighting over me whilst I sit around blogging. What a day!)

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Drive-by Flirting

Hey guys! It’s story time.

Okay so this one time I had some good friends over for a few days at the beginning of Christmas break. I had driven them to my house from school, and we got to hang for a bit before we went our separate ways. On the very last day that one of them was there, I drove her to the airport. It was a very long drive, through a busy city, and I had to make the long drive back alone. I wasn’t looking forward to that part.

I’m weird when I drive. I LOVE to people watch, and so I do it when I drive, too. I look for hot guys when I drive (weird, right?😂) and check to see who’s driving the really slow cars, etc.

And somehow this one guy and I locked eyes. He was SUPER hot. And I must have looked decent that day, because he smiles at me.. and we stayed pretty parallel in our two lanes. And then when I got a little too fast for him… he caught up, and then smiled at me again.

Guys, this went on for MILES. We stayed in parallel in the left and middle lane of the highway, sneaking glances at each other and smiling/laughing at each other the whole way…all the way to my exit. I signaled to the exit.. and he did too! It looked like he was going to go the opposite way… and then he swerved dangerously into my lane. Then I pulled into a parking lot, and he pulled in, too! I saw him, looking around for me! I must have parked in an out-of-the-way spot, because he couldn’t find me. After a couple minutes, my flirty stranger left the parking lot.

This was definitely one of the strangest yet coolest experiences of my life. I remember it like it was yesterday, even though it happened a number of years ago. I don’t get a lot of experiences like this, as guys don’t often flirt with me. It was fun, and boosted my confidence. It’s okay that nothing came of it, and who knows if that guy ever thinks of it. It was fun, and God knew I needed it.


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Feed the Sitter

Leave your kids at home. Fund a poor, $poor$ babysitter and help out movie goers, folks!

I was sitting in an adult movie, rated PG-13. The trailer had shown obvious adult-themed content, and the theater was packed. It was a Friday night, so of course it was busy. But this movie was NOT the movie to bring your kids to. It was not a live-action Disney, or a fun-filled comedy. This was a movie with adult comedy, sexual innuendos, and themes far above the intellect of these kiddos.

I was uncomfortable surrounded by so many young children, watching a movie that I KNEW had adult themes in it.

I was so glad that I was raised by parents who had the wisdom to not bring me and my siblings to movies that we beyond us. If we watched movies with adult themes, we watched them in the confines of our own home, where mom and dad could pause and confront any evil we needed to discuss. While that was certainly annoying at the time, I now watch any movie or show with a mental filter, which I am so grateful for.

Thanks, mom, for:

“Follow your heart!”

“The heart is deceitful above all things…”


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Strike the strike

Today I was in a town and stopped at the local grocery store for some vitamin water (my cocaine).

To my chagrin, I noticed a medium-sized gathering of people in front of both entrances. Even more chagrin-ier, I noticed signs around their necks. The most chagrin-iest, those signs said “STRIKE” (and other words that’s I didn’t read while driving by because I am a 100% safe driver who watches where she is going).

I sat in my car a few minutes, deciding whether or not I would face the humans awaiting me or if I would just go somewhere else for my coke.


Headphones, my dudes.

I slipped them in and headed out. The humans wearing signs still approached and tried to speak with me, but all I did was give an awkward wave, avoid eye contact, and carry on my way. I heard clips of “…consider shopping somewhere else?” requested of me, and then something regarding headphones shouted angrily in my direction.

I’m sorry, but yelling at an innocent shopper (who has anxiety!!) isn’t going to help your cause, sir. I’ll admit I wasn’t my usual confident self walking into that store, and that brought down my ability to function by, like, 20%. And I was already at at maybe a 50…

{quick note: needing to have social interactions at 30% functionability is really hard}

I asked one of the workers inside why they were striking, and was informed that they were striking for “pensions and wages”.

This is Stop and Shop. Get a job somewhere else if you want those benefits! You literally signed up for this. I never led a strike at Dunkin because they don’t give retirement plans🙄 and neither has my manager, who has worked for them for over twenty years.

You’re at the job willingly. If you want benefits that they don’t provide, get a job that does provide them. You not doing your job requires others to do your job on top of their own. That’s honestly so selfish.

Anyways, that’s my rant this evening.

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Coffee Shop Cutie

Let me tell you a story.

So I had a job interview today, and when I left I decided that if I got the job, then it would be a good idea to familiarize myself with a nice coffee shop in the area. I’m kiiiiiiinda big on coffee.

The location of the job is about 45min from my house, so I’ve decided that I should get a spot that I like to blog at for a few hours after my shift. A plus if the place has WiFi, good atmosphere, cute baristas, and c a f f e i n e.

So I left the location of the interview and looked at my GPS (I use Waze, which is a great navigating app) to see what kind of coffee shops were in the area. Dunkin, no thank you…Starbucks, well I like it but not really what I’m going for right now…and then a couple of independent coffee shops. I picked a random one and headed on my way, carefully navigating through what looked like the downtown-type area of the cute little place I was currently in. On the way, I noticed gas prices and grocery stores, as who knows what kind of errands I’ll need to do when I’m in town.

Finally, I pulled up to the shop. Definitely looked cute from what I could tell. The outside almost gave the appearance of an old-school diner, and I wasn’t sure that was what I was looking for at this time. I did a quick google of the place to see if I could figure out what the inside was like without actually entering the building… and voíla! The most unhelpful website ever. So I decided to just go inside and let the chips fall where they may.

And boy. What. A. Cute. Atmosphere! So homey and relaxing! I knew it was gonna be the place for me. I took a look at the menu to see what I wanted, and realized that I hadn’t had anything all day. I decided that I would just wait until home to actually eat food, and thought I would play on it safe with a regular coffee, but blanched when I didn’t actually see anything about “coffee” on the menu. I saw specialty drinks and espresso-based beverages, but nowhere did the menu say “hot/iced coffee”, and give me the price. I decided that instead of anxiously standing in front of the cashier and awkwardly staring at the menu that wouldn’t tell me what I wanted to know, I would simply ask the cashier.

“Do you guys have just regular hot coffee?”


He just stared at me, and I at him, my mind turning in frustration as I used all of my observational skills to attempt to read his expression to determine whether he was joking or not. After what seems like hours (probably a mere five seconds), he broke the stare and appeased my terrified look to ask what size I wanted.

I breathed a sigh of relief: “The largest size you’ve got.”

“Large, okay. Dark roast?”

Somehow he’d read my mind about the roast I’d wanted. I acquiesced, and as he poured I realized how attractive this barista was.

“I realize how dumb of a question that was,” I floundered to say anything to sound less idiotic (probably ended up sounding stupider than ever), “but obviously I haven’t had my coffee yet.”

After that, I’m not sure exactly what the guy said to me besides the total for my coffee (which was cheap). I was lost in his beautiful eyes and floppy hair, and the sudden knowledge that he was pretty much my exact physical type definitely threw me off my game.

And I have no game.

So then I sat down, enjoyed my coffee (which was very hot due to the fact that I forgot to tell the also very hot barista that I wanted extra room for cream because he got me all tongue tied.), posted a blog post, and people-watched. I watched the customers come in and get greeted by name, and loved every minute of the energy surrounding the place. In all, 10/10, would return. In fact, I’m already planning on returning this Saturday with a friend of mine.

Floppy-haired barista boy, I sure hope you work Saturday mornings! (And whatever day I end up working in the area. It would suck to never see this guy again😂)

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Coffee Level Heroine

This week ends my first job. It’s certainly bittersweet–I’ve made a lot of great memories there! But I’m more than ready to move on to bigger and better things than the home of the don’t…I mean donut. When I first started at the store, I used to work evenings. I would close the store with one other employee, and it would usually be pretty slow. This was where I had my first love, a coworker four years my senior. He was friendly, hot, and visited me at work when he wasn’t on the schedule. Unfortunately, he was fired after, like, 7 months? He had been repeatedly warned to not give things away for free, but continuously did it. Finally, my boss simply removed him from the schedule. At the time, he was on vacation in, Brazil or something? And my manager never told him he was fired… so my best friend and I called him in our church bathroom to tell him, and he didn’t believe us. It took a bit to convince him. And that phone call was the last we ever heard from him.

A few years into the job, I started working mornings. My boss loved my work ethic and ability to actually do the job (unlike other employees), and so she kept me on mostly mornings. Closing was now a thing of the past for me. I went off to college, and when I came home for breaks I still went back to mornings. I got to know the people of my town pretty least the ones who came to my store. Most of them I knew by order and not by name. (“Ice Tea People”, Raspberry Mocha”, or “Butter Pecan Hottie”, for instance.) When I was out and about with my little brother and mom, I would often give out cries of “hey, he’s a regular at Dunkin!” and both of them would roll their eyes quite dramatically.

It was a good job, I’ll be honest. Flexible, constant, and a great manager. But I hate getting up early. I’m a night owl. Late nights are my bread and butter, folks! But I continued to work 5 or 6 am shifts for years… until this week. Tomorrow is my last day at Dunkin Donuts. And I can’t tell you how excited I am to be getting to work with kids! If you know me you know that as an adult I haven’t had any career goals. And I’ve loved kids my whole life, so this really is a dream come true. If I can make a career out of babysitting and nannying… I’ll be happier than a clam.

I have a potential job somewhere new. And so I decided I’d have to find a coffee shop nearby where I could be all hipster and write my blog. I’ll go to work, leave, get caffeinated, and then write for a few hours. The drive will be worth it for the beautiful children and the great coffee, and I’ll be able to write on a weekly basis! (But not about the kids, obviously) Getting into habits and schedules is going to be good for me. C’mon, adulthood. Hurry up and get into my head. Responsibilities await!

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