Them’s High Thoughts

The idea of a Being that has been there forever and never had a beginning and will never have an end is so crazy to think.

But then think about your own life. You are the leading lady or man of your own movie.

The camera is always focused on you. The camera always follows the long nights, the pain, the failures; because it’s always with you. When people are not in your view or your peripheral, they literally cease to exist. Occasionally the plot gives you audio that shows you that the people around you are still alive, but if you cannot hear or see the other humans in your life, or they are not communicating with you, how can you truly know that they are alive at that moment?

You are the main character of your novel, simply because you only ever *fully* know things that affect you in some way. Once a car drives past you on the road… does it then cease to exist? You literally have to maintain faith in existence itself in order to believe that everything exists outside your plane of life.

How crazy is that?

Sorry it’s been so long! A certain person who lives across the ocean has been occupying my thoughts lately, and I find myself daydreaming when I’m not at work or actively talking to him🥰

Love to my loves!


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