When You’re in Love..Really in Love

Does anyone truly know when they’re in love?

Perhaps after having experienced it one or two times, you might.

You have your first love that you lose because time rips you apart.

You have the next love, the one who you’re with for a decent period of time, but it’s just that time in both your lives when you’re changing too much for you two to make sense together anymore.

You’ll go through a number of randomly lengthed loves, who blip through your life and you barely remember.

Of course there’s your final love. The last person… the one who you end up with. A marriage, or something like that. Kids, a mortgage, the works.

At some point.. you’re also going to meet your soulmate. He could be any of the relationships you’ve had. Perhaps the timing was off, or one of you was still hung up on someone else, or a third factor prevented the love from blossoming.

But I absolutely promise that you’ll find love.

Maybe you’ll only ever have one.

And maybe you won’t realize how much love you’ve had until far after you part.

But you will certainly find love.

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