The Great Unknown

We all know what the truest great unknown is.

It’s the future. The future is the biggest, blackest hole to look us deep in our souls.. and for us to stare back so intently that we lose our focus and stumble.

Today I lost my job.

The thought of possibly losing it this year had crossed my mind. My employers’ jobs were in flux and I knew it was possible. But now that the moment as come, I’m completely crushed.

I’ve never lost a job like this before. I’ve always quit. I’ve always left. For a better prospect, or a better mindset.

Today, I’ve been crushed.

But I will rise. Out of the ashes, I will RISE LIKE A PHOENIX.

Okay yeah, that was cheesy. Sorry.

But hey. I’ve been applying to jobs all day. Tomorrow, next week, next year (hey, it’s only next month)… it’s gonna happen. I’m going to get some amazing job. It’s going to be a challenge and a new opportunity.

I’m scared as hell. I’m quaking in my boots.

But I’ll survive.

I’ll get to the top.

One step at a time.

And I might be wiping my tears on everything I walk by..

But at least I’ll survive.

Hey, I hope everyone is having a great December. Happy birthday to me, I lost my job😂

Thanks so much for reading. I love you for being here.


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