And I’m back! Tuesday afternoons are busy at my coffee shop. But guess who does indeed work? Oh yeah, you’ve guessed it. His floppy hair is as beautiful as ever.

I almost ran into him today. At least that would have given me an excuse to actually ave a conversation with him!

“Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry!”

“No, no, it’s totally my fault. Here. let me clean that mac ‘n’ cheese off your shoe…”

Right. That’s a likely event.

Oh, The Other Hot Barista is also here! I overheard someone call him by his name the other day, but for the sake of his privacy, we’ll name him Bill. Bill has a beard and actually looks an age that could be equal or greater to my own.

There really are a ton of people here today! I’m beginning to like this place more and more. It’s one thing when you like some place, but it’s another thing when you like a place that’s popular. Then you know that you at least like something that’s high quality and good. (Or you’re on some kind of phase with the rest of the world and you’re a follower, not a leader.) The coffee is always excellent every day, and the customers always seem pleased. Plus there seems to be an abundance of attractive men who buy their coffee from this establishment. Always a pleasure, gentlemen.

So I still haven’t had anything to eat from here. The food looks pretty good, tbh. A little pricey, maybe. But no more than a Panera would charge. What I’ve gotten every time is a large Dark Roast, extra room for cream. (Except for the first time I came and the hot barista made me so tongue tied that I didn’t ask for extra room.) This is my fourth visit here. And I certainly plan on coming back for more.

Thanks for reading!



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