How To: Approach a Girl

Because I easily run out of things to write about, I asked for advice on what to write about from a couple of my guy friends. One of them suggested writing about how to approach a girl.

Now, obviously this is only going to be from my perspective. I can’t tell you how the girls across town will feel. I can only explain how I feel.

First of all, let’s imagine a scenario. You’re a regular at a coffee shop, and you think that the barista is reaaally cute…

Okay that one sounds far too corny. Who goes to a coffee shop with cute baristas, anyways?

Instead, let’s pretend you’re at school and you go to lunch at 12:15 every day, and instead of going to the cafeteria for lunch, you bring lunch from home or get it out, or somehow have some kind of bag lunch type. You sit at the same table every day, studying for that same subject. By and by, you start to notice that hot chick at the table next to you… (In this scenario, yes, you are indeed a dude.) what do you do?

Now me, if that were a dude? I’d probably just sneak awkward glances for weeks and months, listening stalkishly for a friend to call them by their name, and then obsess over them, never actually doing anything. I’m a chicken.

But what if I were that girl? And you were the boy who sat at the other table, thinking you wanted to maybe get my number? Let’s think about the most likely ways you would be able to score that…

First of all, being funny is always a plus. Personally I’m highly attracted to funny guys, so a funny intro is always going to score you some points. You could get my attention in the first place by coming up with a cute/funny way to say high. Don’t be weird or overly intrusive. But saying hi isn’t all that hard. If she looks super into what she’s doing, another day is going to be your best bet. Headphones? RED FLAG, brother. Never, and I mean NEVER approach a girl who had headphones in unless you need to save her life. Seriously. That pisses us off so much. We have the headphones in for a reason.

This next thing is going to sound a little weird, but I really do like getting catcalled. Not in a sexual way. No one wants to hear that shouted in a public place. But when I walk by a group of guys in the mall and they whistle or they say “eyyy mami” or “how you doin'”, I actually feel good about myself. It boosts my self-confidence. (Oof, I’m so obviously not a feminist.) When cashiers at stores call me cute of beautiful, it makes me happy, especially when it’s done in a classy or comfortable way. Don’t be creepy is my number one advice.

But even nice compliments are not always well received, I’ll be honest. If a girl doesn’t like you, or thinks you’re weird/creepy/rude/ugly, etc, she won’t always be nice to you. There will always be a possibility of rejection, though. For both girls and guys. That will absolutely never change. Sometimes you just have to put yourself out there and hope for the best, regardless of the outcome.

Another things that I love are jokes. I love when a guy can make me laugh…and laugh and laugh and laugh… you get the point. Funny guys get all the ladies. But do they keep all the ladies? You need to have a serious side, too. You need to be able to make me laugh AND be the shoulder that I can cry on. Dad jokes AND dad bod.

So how do you approach a girl? Be yourself! Work up your courage and be funny and talk to her. If you guys hit of after a conversation or two, just ASK for her digits. Please don’t leave her hanging. And for god’s sake. Never let a girl hang around in your life wondering what role she plays. Never leave her wondering “am a just a friend? or am I more?” Be kind. Always.

Thanks for reading!



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