Drive-by Flirting

Hey guys! It’s story time.

Okay so this one time I had some good friends over for a few days at the beginning of Christmas break. I had driven them to my house from school, and we got to hang for a bit before we went our separate ways. On the very last day that one of them was there, I drove her to the airport. It was a very long drive, through a busy city, and I had to make the long drive back alone. I wasn’t looking forward to that part.

I’m weird when I drive. I LOVE to people watch, and so I do it when I drive, too. I look for hot guys when I drive (weird, right?😂) and check to see who’s driving the really slow cars, etc.

And somehow this one guy and I locked eyes. He was SUPER hot. And I must have looked decent that day, because he smiles at me.. and we stayed pretty parallel in our two lanes. And then when I got a little too fast for him… he caught up, and then smiled at me again.

Guys, this went on for MILES. We stayed in parallel in the left and middle lane of the highway, sneaking glances at each other and smiling/laughing at each other the whole way…all the way to my exit. I signaled to the exit.. and he did too! It looked like he was going to go the opposite way… and then he swerved dangerously into my lane. Then I pulled into a parking lot, and he pulled in, too! I saw him, looking around for me! I must have parked in an out-of-the-way spot, because he couldn’t find me. After a couple minutes, my flirty stranger left the parking lot.

This was definitely one of the strangest yet coolest experiences of my life. I remember it like it was yesterday, even though it happened a number of years ago. I don’t get a lot of experiences like this, as guys don’t often flirt with me. It was fun, and boosted my confidence. It’s okay that nothing came of it, and who knows if that guy ever thinks of it. It was fun, and God knew I needed it.


Thanks for reading!



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