OCD—Obsessive Cute-Guy Disorder

Hey guys. Guess where I am? Staring at the attracting face of coffee shop cutie! *Cue applause*

The coffee is fantastic today, as it was the other day. There is a nun sitting in the café, with some friend in plain clothes. Fascinating. A group of old ladies gossip about their friends, and a fellow hipster on her computer sits near me, surfing the web. Does anyone suspect that I blog about them? Probably, since I keep eyeing them suspiciously. Sorry, folks. So there’s WiFi here, but it’s password protected and I don’t want to get up and ask about the password. The anxiety is kicking in again today… especially given the fact that I had my first day of work in a new environment!

Oh my goodness, it was so much fun. The kids were fantastic! I was trying so exceptionally hard to do a good job—pay attention to the kids, follow the rules that I learned on the online training, and be friendly with the staff, too. One of my coworkers mentioned afterwards that I did a great job especially with the older kids, as most workers tend to be impatient with them. I sat with them, listened to them, and played games with them…all while watching younger kids.

Another one of my coworkers is a young girl who used to attend my church with her family. She is probably four or five years younger than me, and her youngest sibling, who was a baby when I last saw the family, is eleven or twelve now. My, how time flies! It’s so strange seeing how kids grow up when you’re not looking!

You all understand how utterly hopeless it is for me to think that CSC (Coffee Shop Cutie) is single, into me, and straight, let alone all of the above. OOF, and I forgot about him being my age, too. Because I keep forgetting that I’m twenty-two. There is no way that he could possibly be all of those factors. He’s probably only even one of those factors. Straight. He doesn’t seem to be giving off a gay vibe. Although my gaydar isn’t exactly up to par.

There’s definitely an option of me just full-out asking him out, but I’m not really the type, as I’m sure you guys can tell from my “I can’t ask them for the WiFi password” or “I put headphones in so I wouldn’t have to socialize” posts… Maybe if I come here consistently and they learn my name and I become a beloved regular and we all become friends and unicorns are real and I can fly and magic is real and Jesus comes back before I die. We’ll see.

CSC looks like the type of guy that I could have debates on what kind of music is better. I could take him home to my parents and they would love him and we could watch movies and he would love baseball but not my dad’s team and it would only be a tiny issue because dad would love him so much. He would come to church with me and all my friends would be jealous of his manners and mannerisms and good looks. He probably sings off-key, but that’s okay because he can duet with my dad and they can both feel better about themselves. I can see long car rides in my convertible, wind through our hair, singing at the top of our lungs to some kind of punk. His dress style is probably pretty basic. Minimalistic, maybe, with a touch of grunge. (Thanks, Tim, for the wording that I forgot)

Okay, I get obsessed way too easily. I need to calm down. Think about something else. Like about how great this coffee is. And how cheap it is. Whoo.

Don’t forget to read my other post of today, too: “Feed the Sitter”.

(No WiFi connection meant that this was written a different day than it was posted… So here it is, a day late. It’s okay. I was at the coffee shop again today, too. Now, despite the horrible fact that CSC didn’t work today, I did come to the conclusion that the other male worker is also attractive. My friend Tim and I have come to yet another conclusion [so many conclusions!] that these two lovely baristas will be fighting over me whilst I sit around blogging. What a day!)

Thanks for reading!



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