Feed the Sitter

Leave your kids at home. Fund a poor, $poor$ babysitter and help out movie goers, folks!

I was sitting in an adult movie, rated PG-13. The trailer had shown obvious adult-themed content, and the theater was packed. It was a Friday night, so of course it was busy. But this movie was NOT the movie to bring your kids to. It was not a live-action Disney, or a fun-filled comedy. This was a movie with adult comedy, sexual innuendos, and themes far above the intellect of these kiddos.

I was uncomfortable surrounded by so many young children, watching a movie that I KNEW had adult themes in it.

I was so glad that I was raised by parents who had the wisdom to not bring me and my siblings to movies that we beyond us. If we watched movies with adult themes, we watched them in the confines of our own home, where mom and dad could pause and confront any evil we needed to discuss. While that was certainly annoying at the time, I now watch any movie or show with a mental filter, which I am so grateful for.

Thanks, mom, for:

“Follow your heart!”

“The heart is deceitful above all things…”


Thanks for reading!



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