Strike the strike

Today I was in a town and stopped at the local grocery store for some vitamin water (my cocaine).

To my chagrin, I noticed a medium-sized gathering of people in front of both entrances. Even more chagrin-ier, I noticed signs around their necks. The most chagrin-iest, those signs said “STRIKE” (and other words that’s I didn’t read while driving by because I am a 100% safe driver who watches where she is going).

I sat in my car a few minutes, deciding whether or not I would face the humans awaiting me or if I would just go somewhere else for my coke.


Headphones, my dudes.

I slipped them in and headed out. The humans wearing signs still approached and tried to speak with me, but all I did was give an awkward wave, avoid eye contact, and carry on my way. I heard clips of “…consider shopping somewhere else?” requested of me, and then something regarding headphones shouted angrily in my direction.

I’m sorry, but yelling at an innocent shopper (who has anxiety!!) isn’t going to help your cause, sir. I’ll admit I wasn’t my usual confident self walking into that store, and that brought down my ability to function by, like, 20%. And I was already at at maybe a 50…

{quick note: needing to have social interactions at 30% functionability is really hard}

I asked one of the workers inside why they were striking, and was informed that they were striking for “pensions and wages”.

This is Stop and Shop. Get a job somewhere else if you want those benefits! You literally signed up for this. I never led a strike at Dunkin because they don’t give retirement plans🙄 and neither has my manager, who has worked for them for over twenty years.

You’re at the job willingly. If you want benefits that they don’t provide, get a job that does provide them. You not doing your job requires others to do your job on top of their own. That’s honestly so selfish.

Anyways, that’s my rant this evening.

Thanks for reading!



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